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Inspiration art gallery

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Inspiration art gallery

Inspiration art gallery
Inspiration art gallery

The Gallery of Inspiration is a specialized gallery operated by Community Counseling Center consumer artists and is designed to showcase the artwork of very talented consumers.

The artwork featured in the Gallery of Inspiration is created from the hearts, minds, and hands of artists who live with mental illness and the stigma associated with it.

The Gallery of Inspiration provides a venue in which consumer artists share their talents and display their artwork.

The Gallery provides an opportunity for artists to earn a little income so they can continue doing what they love to do most.

All proceeds from the sale of the art go directly to the artists to help offset their treatment expenses.

Art gallery logo inspiration

Art gallery logo inspiration
Art gallery logo inspiration

Want to learn or hone your skills in the art of logo design? Then check out these top online logo resources, where you’ll find tons of advice and inspiration.

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people wanting to learn about the art of logo design.

But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we’ve picked some top online resources that’ll really help you get to grips with it.

Logoed is a blog that showcases beautiful logo designs. The single-page site has been around for over a decade and so has a great variety of logos in its archives.

A clean and simple layout, thumbnails of each design are arranged vertically, requiring users to simply click on each for more information or scroll down the homepage to automatically load more projects.

Art gallery design inspiration

Art gallery design inspiration
Art gallery design inspiration

Minimal graphics, fonts, and color schemes are designed to keep the viewer’s focus on the art itself, often at the expense of creativity and attractiveness.

As in any business, it’s important for galleries to make a website that stands out and is memorable.

The websites on this list have achieved that goal by making subtle, yet integral design choices that, in fact, often increase both functionality and the viewing experience.

He websites below are useful sources of inspiration, and they prove that there are multiple variations on similar themes which can be used when you make a website.

They show the array of choices that designers have and the ways in which sophisticated,

Intricate, or visually interesting graphics can actually enhance the look of the art, not counteract it.

By creating a balance between the work being sold and the design format, art galleries have the potential to optimize their website as a marketing tool and therefore increase their business.

Divine inspiration art gallery

Divine inspiration art gallery
Divine inspiration art gallery

Folk Art, Surrealist, Visionary, Americana, call it what you will.

Minnie Evans’ (1892-1987) dreamlike artworks speak of another world; a world which the artist believed God had given her insight to see.

The North Carolina native’s oeuvre ranges in size and medium, but take a look at any of Minnie Evan’s artworks in the whole collection,

And you will quickly notice that there is an another-worldly aspect to them…from the colors and symbols to the overall themes of religion and a higher being.

Born outside of Wilmington, NC towards the end of the 19th century, the visionary artist left school after the 6th grade to help provide for her family.

Evans’ art, although from humble beginnings, has been shown across the US, and especially in Wilmington where she has been the center of numerous exhibits and events across the state.

Evans worked as a domestic and gatekeeper for Airlie Estate and later Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, often selling her paintings on the grass next to the park’s gates.

Influenced by the lush greenery in the gardens, she stated that “Green is God’s theme color”; upon further inspection,

There is evidence of influence from African and western cultures from which her ancestors stemmed from.

Wall art gallery inspiration

Wall art gallery inspiration
Wall art gallery inspiration

Creating a gallery wall is a simple way to bring style and personality to any room no painting or wallpapering required.

All you need is a hammer, some frame hooks and a collection of your favorite art.

But arranging that collection can be intimidating when you’re confronting a blank wall.

To help you make a statement rather than a haphazard jumble art installer, museum staffers and others with expertise in hanging art offered a few tips.

MIX IT UP “Gallery walls can be a fun way of making a very personal statement in your home,”

Said Karen Hernandez, manager of product development and art reproductions at the Museum of Modern Art.

“To me, the most inspiring walls are those that mix a variety of artworks representing a range of media, from photographs to drawings,

Mixed in with personal mementos like children’s artwork or souvenirs from one’s travels.”

Lindsay Griffith, a specialist in prints and multiples at Christie’s, agreed. “Interesting juxtapositions make a gallery wall more personal,

” Ms. Griffith said. “At the same time, you should look for ways to tie disparate pieces together, like through color or framing:

I love a combination of black-and-white photographs with black-and-white etchings, for example.”

Avoid using similar frames, advised Ariel Farmer, an interior designer with the online service Home polish:

“Framing these individual works alike simply takes away all the magic. “credit Nick Glimenakis


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