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Art Ideas Drawing

Welcome to Arts Web Show. Today I will tell you about Art ideas Drawing like Pop Art, Word Art, Wall Art, Creative Art, and Tribal Art

Art ideas drawing

Art ideas drawing
Art ideas drawing

Drawing is a form of art. To make a drawing, an artist puts lines on paper or another surface. Most artists start out by learning to draw.

This is because drawings the starting point for painting, sculpture and other art forms.

Pop art drawing ideas

Pop art drawing ideas
Pop art drawing ideas

Discover ideas about Middle School Art Projects. “Pop” Art bottle drawings inspired by Lichtenstein & Warhol.

Awesome lesson on pop art with a focus on drawing perspective and using hatching lines to create value. Also a small focus on contrasting colors and mixing colors using colored pencils.


To learn how to how to draw pop art, it’s good to have a little understanding of the basic idea behind it, as it makes it a little easier to get started.

Pop craftsmanship is regularly described by brilliant, strong portrayals of famous things from mass culture.

Some famous examples are Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans, Roy Lichtenstein’s simplistic, cartoon-like paintings, and Oldenburg’s super-sized sculptures of common objects.

When presented in a fine art setting, the line between what is “high culture” and what is common and every day becomes blurred.

It’s not only a chance to take pause and notice our surroundings, but Andy Warhol also observed common items such as Coca-Cola or Campbell’s soup act as an equalizer:

Both glamorous, famous people and regular, non-celebrities ultimately consume the same products. By celebrating these common items, it’s possible to add glamour and art to our everyday lives.

Word art drawing ideas

Word art drawing ideas
Word art drawing ideas

Language is a powerful tool. And no one understands that better than artists who thoughtfully utilize text to make a statement and draw out emotion.

By using text as the central communication vehicle in their artistic expression, these artists push forth letters, numbers, and words as their primary means to get out their message.

Of course, text and art have been intertwined for centuries—think of medieval illuminated manuscripts, with their elaborate illustrations. But things really took off in the 20th century.

When Surrealist artist Magritte famously wrote “Cecil n’s pas une pipe.” (“This pipe isn’t a pipe.”) Across his painting, he moved text to a central role in understanding the work.

Cubists, such as Georges Braque, were also known for incorporating text into their artwork, often highlighting its graphics quality.

Wall art drawing ideas

Wall art drawing ideas
Wall art drawing ideas

Are you looking to add life and energy to your home?

From cooking dinners in the kitchen to lounging in the living room, the decor you choose can create a unique vibe in every room.

The art you display and the photos of your favorite memories can create an upbeat, relaxing, rustic or quirky feel.

Adding wall art is a simple way to decorate, and many pieces are easy enough to make yourself.

We have 25 creative DIY wall art ideas that will transform your space. From canvas paintings to ornate mirrors, we have inspiration for every style.

Browse through our unique printable and pick your favorite. From mountains to oceans, we’ve created pieces that will complement your current wall decor or can stand out on their own.

Pair them with your favorite style of frame to create a framed art print.

Flower Art drawing ideas

Flower Art drawing ideas
Flower Art drawing ideas

Drawing flowers in one of my all-time favorite subjects. It doesn’t matter what type of flower it is, or whether I create them in color or black and white. Drawing flowers simply make me happy!

My favorite pastime, when not in the studio, is visiting botanical gardens so I can take more photos.

An artist can never have enough. Many of my students share the same passion, so I allow them to use my photos. Every class I teach has at least one or two students creating beautiful floral masterpieces!

The key is drawing things that interest you. You’ll be more likely to stick with it (even if your first attempts are a hot mess) and,

Before you know it, those skills will come. Even cooler, you’ll start developing your own signature style.

Flowers are gratifying for novice artists because they’re instantly recognizable no matter how you draw them.

Their non-linear, organic shapes are extremely forgiving, which makes blooms a great starting place if you’re not yet mega confident in your drawing skills.

Flowers are also a fun way of dabbling in mixed media. Adding color, and even texture will bring your drawing to life

Tribal art drawing ideas

Tribal art drawing ideas
Tribal art drawing ideas

This is an ambiguous term, with no exact significance or definition, which is commonly utilized to depict the conventional craft of indigenous locals from inborn social orders in Africa,

The South Pacific and Indonesia, Australia, the Americas, and India. It is sometimes called Primitive Native Art, and includes artworks (and crafts) from all ethnic groups.

Tribal art is sometimes extended to include some pre-historic European art (e.g. Celtic art),

As well as European folk art. In this article, we focus on the best-known types of primitive native art from Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, Australia, North America, and Alaska.

Unfortunately, by far most of these ancestral antiques have died, or have been traded away with European pilgrims, hence enduring precedents are restricted chiefly to stonework’s (form, sanctuaries), a few earthworks, or shake workmanship.

Creative art ideas drawing

Creative art ideas drawing
Creative art ideas drawing

Sometimes when you look at a blank page, your mind goes blank too. You want to draw or paint, but what?

Here are six wellsprings of motivation to kick you off illustration, painting, or notwithstanding scrapbooking. When you begin, you’ll see that one thought prompts another.

The main thing is to get that pencil into your hand and start creating.

When you find yourself in a creative slump, try picking just one theme to explore consistently over several days or even weeks.

Gather creative input by checking out the work of other artists and writers, and make written notes about your thoughts and feelings in your sketchbook.

While ‘something different’ can be good, this doesn’t mean you need to do a subject that doesn’t interest you – just find a fresh perspective on one that does.


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