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Welcome to Arts web show. Today I will tell you about Art decoration inspiration and different types like Wedding, Bedroom, Logo, Graphic design, Web design, etc.

Art Decoration Inspiration
Art Decoration Inspiration

The decorative arts are arts or crafts whose object is the design and manufacture of objects that are both beautiful and functional.

It includes interior design, but not usually architecture. The decorative arts are often categorized in distinction to the “fine arts”,

namely painting, drawing, photography, and large-scale sculpture, which generally produce objects solely for their aesthetic quality and capacity to stimulate the intellect.

Art deco wedding inspiration

Art deco wedding inspiration
Art deco wedding inspiration

Let’s be real when you get carried away, some wedding themes can become gimmicky. And when done repeatedly well, they can ring tiresome and unoriginal.

The Roaring ’20s theme, a trend since 2013, when the latest movie version of The Great Gatsby hit the big screen,

Should have made its way to the annals of history by now. Yet the glitz, glamour, and overindulgence endure.

That said, we hold a special place in our hearts for the timeless allure of the Art Deco wedding.

Though dubbed the lost generation, the artists of the era were certainly on to something the arresting designs full of distinctive silhouettes,

Sharp geometry and extravagance still stands the test of time and as today’s brides have proved,

It doesn’t lose these eternal qualities when thrown into a soirée in the name of love. If anything,

Art Deco influences in weddings have evolved into more subtle touches, often receiving a modern refresh that only enhances its charismatic aesthetic.

A classic black-and-gold palette will always hit the right notes,

But so too does a smoky gray resin with lavish accents or bright white, greenery, and some gilded glitz and glam.

Geometric décor is still getting a lot of attention in a clean, modern palette use it to your advantage with gold triangles or diamonds as a ceremony backdrop

Or hanging centerpiece to evoke the strong, bold lines of the period. Break out the 1920s typography on your paper goods and signs

For a realistic feel, subtle vintage accessories like a bar cart or candle holders, and the flappers’ drink of choice: champagne. And don’t forget to ride off into the night in your vintage getaway car!

Seriously, who can say no to a fantastical Jazz Age party? Not us!

Art deco bedroom inspiration

Art deco bedroom inspiration
Art deco bedroom inspiration

An influential visual arts style emerged during the early years of the 20th century and flourished internationally in the 1930s and 1940s.

This eclectic style is big on mirrored furniture, highly polished woods, mirror tiles, chrome and glass, shiny fabrics like satin mixed with furs,

Geometric and angular shapes, and nature motifs such as shells, flowers, and sun. This luxurious and fashionable design still continues its influence today.

This is one fabulous design that you can definitely get for a bedroom.

15 Art Deco Bedroom Designs are in our gallery for only you! Be part of this amazing experience to see,

One of a kind creations from different designers all over the world inspired by Art Deco style. Be inspired with us, as we give you our vintage glamour inspired collection for today.

One Island – Aventura

One Island – Aventura
One Island – Aventura

Experimenting with geometrical patterns, spaces, lines, and angles have a huge influence on Art Deco and are seen very fashionable.

Geometric-inspired bedroom furniture and clean lines give an instant beauty of Art deco in this bedroom design.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.
Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

The wood used in an Art Deco design is heavily lacquered and is usually black and upholstered like the fixtures in this bedroom design.

The mirror behind the bed makes the room visually larger, brighter and glamorous.

Art deco logo inspiration

It began as a celebration. In 1925, the same decade that gave us The Great Gatsby, the affordable car, the first film with sound,

The term “graphic design” and (most importantly) a little cocktail known as the mimosa, the Parisian art community gathered together for an influential exhibition of art.

On display was everything from metalwork pieces to fully designed rooms, all in the new modern mode.

The attendees included over 16 million art enthusiasts from around the world. The goal was to celebrate and legitimize the “decorative arts” to the public and press.

The result was the establishment of one of history’s most enduring stylistic movements: Art Deco.

Over the years, Art Deco has found expression in every medium, from graphic design to furniture to the digital worlds of video games.

Although its heyday is long past, the movement left behind a number of monuments to its reign, most notably in architectural feats that dot many skylines around the world,

That continues to make it a part of our everyday lives. For designers who want to infuse their projects with grandeur to match the Chrysler building,

Art Deco is a style you won’t want to miss.

Read on to understand what the Art Deco movement is all about and what you can learn from it for your own designs.

Art deco graphic design inspiration

Art deco graphic design inspiration
Art deco graphic design inspiration

Add some old-school charm to design projects, with an art deco-inspired design. Traditional, classic, and vintage styles are on-trend now,

Making art deco elements fun and easy way to add a touch of something the evokes classic feelings while maintaining a modern touch.

Art Deco graphic design might be a trend, but it is not a new style. The style dates to the 1920s with the greatest popularity of the style lasting for about 15 years.

Art deco took off in part due to a culture where advertising was gaining popularity.

Art deco graphic design was a mass-produced style and was in everything from magazines to the lines of car styles to architecture to the clothing styles associated with the roaring 20s (such as flapper girls).

Read on to find out more about this trend, and how art deco graphic design is making a comeback!

The reason art deco design worked so well back in the 1920s and why it continues to be a staple among graphic designers today is that it’s purely aesthetic.

There’s not a lot of ideology behind art deco. There’s a distinctive look, but no rules to follow. It works for almost everyone and with almost anything.

One of the classic examples of art deco in graphic design is the poster for the L’Atlantique ship, above. Adolph Mourn (A.M.)

Cassandra created this and many similar designs as a poster artist. It shows the grad style that is art deco in a nutshell.

(Now the classic poster is sold in mass production as a home décor item.)

The Art Story has a great, and more academic, description of art deco as it evolved in design:

Art deco web design inspiration

Art deco web design inspiration
Art deco web design inspiration

In an 1889 essay, The Decay of Lying Oscar Wilde proposed the exact opposite of Aristotle’s Mimesis. In it, he said, “life imitates art far more than art imitates life”.

He further proposes that life aims to find expression, which is something that art beautifully provides.

True or not, there’s definitely value in the idea that stunning art provides plenty of inspiration.

That inspiration can come in many forms, and it can boost both real-life projects and more artistic ones.

It should come as no surprise then that modern web design sometimes takes inspiration directly from various art movements.

Even though websites exist in a digital plane, they can be likened to Wilde’s idea of “life”.

You see, websites are inherently created to provide visitors with an experience good or bad it doesn’t matter.

This is done, naturally, through various forms of expression including content, visuals and imagery, interactive elements and more.


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