Art for sale

3D Art for sale

Welcome to Arts web show. Today i will tell you about 3D art for sale and different types like Floor Art, Painted Art, Wall Art, Nail Art and 3D Pop Art etc.

3D Art for sale

3D Art for sale
3D Art for sale

Artist, Brittany Cox from Seattle, Washington, USA has brought fantasy worlds to life using only the simplest materials.

The 27-year-old only started making ‘dream boxes’ in March this year but was instantly hit by a wave of requests online from fans who had fallen in love with them.

Brittany said: “My inspiration has strong roots in my love of fantasy and fairy tales.

“I mainly aim to create something beautiful that transports the viewer to another world, even if it’s only for a moment.

“I dove into the world of dream boxes in March of 2016 and though I have only scratched the surface, I’ve already feel as though I have grown as much as an artist.”

Under the name of Britthebadger has almost 3,000 followers on social media channel, Twitch with whom she shares the making process behind her dream boxes.

Brittany’s unique designs have proven so popular that making and selling them alone has allowed her to spend all her time doing what she loves most.

3D Art for sale
3D Art for sale

Brittany said: “After spending a few years exploring different mediums through costume creation and design, I was having a hard time and felt as though I had lost my way.

“A friend of mine invited me to an art gallery showing to cheer me up, and I saw a beautiful light box someone had made.

“I was fascinated by the combination of drawing, paper cutting, and light, and seeing that piece helped me rediscover my passion for art.

“I’ve always had a knack for working with my hands, a trait that I inherited from my dad, and I am never so happy as when I am creating something beautiful.

3D Art for sale
3D Art for sale

3D Floor art for sale

3D Floor art for sale
3D Floor art for sale

Should we install 3D flooring design images with epoxy flooring paint in our kitchens?

Read this article and see the epoxy 3D flooring murals 2019, designs, prices, installation, and cleaning.

We previously posted a complete guide to 3D epoxy flooring that explains the characteristics of this type of floor-painting and its features in details;

As well as how you can use it and the average 3D flooring prices per square meter in the market and how you can install epoxy painted 3D floor art yourself if it’s in a tight range.

We also discussed the use of promotional 3D flooring in malls, shops, hotels or the promotion of a new product.

If you’ve read about 3D floor art painting before, of course you know it’s mainly used in high-load locations and locations subject to risks such as

Humidity, heavyweights, continuous and frequent use and high temperatures. Accordingly, its use started in halls, garages,

3D bathroom floors, swimming pools and other places that require a highly capable floor that can block humidity and heat.

Our question is, is 3D epoxy flooring suitable for house-kitchens, restaurants, and hotels or is there another kind of flooring that’s overall better for these places in particular?

Generally, kitchens come second after bathrooms in terms of frequent use and exposure to temperature risks,

Humidity and high loads especially in houses where families of 4 or more members live.

3D Printed art for sale

3D Printed art for sale
3D Printed art for sale

Art, 3D printing, and product development.

In this day and age, 3D printing can be seen as the production tool and literal three-dimensional space can be seen as the modern day canvas.

Additive manufacturing makes art unique because a certain type of technology is put in combination whilst creating an art piece.

Art, 3D printing, and product development

The reason why new artists are using 3D printing is a pretty obvious one that lies in the general concept of art.

Art is an ever-changing idea that makes use of the latest manufacturing methods in order to showcase human-made

expressions, creations, and imitations. Different production methods will visualize different ideas.

3D Wall art for sale

3D Wall art for sale
3D Wall art for sale

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I should decorate my new home.

At one point I was leaning towards posters or framed photos but then I thought something a little more interesting and original would be more suitable, something like 3D wall art.

In case you’re wondering what that means, we’ve prepared some examples for you to take a look at.

If you want to add color to a room without necessarily focusing on something specific, then you should try this idea:

Take a big box of crayons and glue them to the top of a canvas. Then turn the blow dryer to hot on high and get comfy.

The wax will start to melt and you’ll get a unique piece of artwork. (found on megduerksen).

3D Nail art for sale

3D Nail art for sale
3D Nail art for sale

The spooky season is over and it’s not quite Christmas.

It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s wet. Maybe you have some fireworks parties to go to or very early Crambo drinks.

Welcome to November, a tricky month, spent half indoors snuggled up, half venturing out in your autumnal layers and thick textures.

Over in krocaine land, layers and textures are being taken to the extreme.

“This month’s Nail Files is all about manicures with nail art you can feel,” says Kro. “Take things a step further this month with these crazy nail sculptures.”

3D Pop art for sale

3D Pop art for sale
3D Pop art for sale

At first glance, Pop Art might seem to glorify popular culture by elevating soup cans, comic strips and hamburgers to the status of fine art on the walls of museums.

But, then again, a second look may suggest a critique of the mass marketing practices and consumer culture that emerged in the United States after World War II.

Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe (1962) clearly reflects this inherent irony of Pop.

The central image on a gold background evokes a religious tradition of painted icons, transforming the Hollywood starlet into a Byzantine Madonna that reflects our obsession with celebrity.

Notably, Warhol’s spiritual reference was especially poignant given Monroe’s suicide a few months earlier. Like religious fanatics, the actress’s fans worshipped their idol;

Yet, Warhol’s sloppy silk-screening calls attention to the artifice of Marilyn’s glamorous façade and places her alongside other mass-marketed commodities like a can of soup or a box of Brillo pads.


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